Studies Show Marijuana Consumption Not Associated With Dangerous Driving

Everyone who consumes cannabis on a regular basis understands that it doesn’t make you a dangerous drive. It makes them a safer, more focused driver that’s more aware of the surroundings and the dangers related to controlling tons of gasoline filled metal, to plenty of folks. Generally, therewith has this been an anecdotal truth for since autos and cannabis been paired, science has in addition been clear that consuming marijuana doesn’t make you a dangerous driver, and may in reason make some folks safer drivers. It’s complex to deny research that we have, marijuana hasn’t been looked for to increase a person’s risk of an accident, more research is needed.

In any case, here’s a list of studies and research conducted on this pretty topic, a special amount which were funded under the patronage of international governments in hopes of special results, with an intention to back this claim up.

This is the case. As indicated by a modern study, states that legalize medic marijuana see fewer fatal auto accidents, in partition as folks should be substituting marijuana smoking for drinking alcohol.

Sounds familiar? Experimental studies have considered that it can have the opposite effect, while cognitive studies suppose that cannabis use may lead to unsafe driving.

Cannabis alone, really in lower doses, has little effect on the skills involved in automobile driving.

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You’re joking, right? Notice that surely you don’t actually suspect that driving while lofty is safe. There’s no way your reaction time is comparable to your ‘non high’ condition. I don’t understand why everyone will want to get behind the wheel when they’re in a quite well relaxed condition as opposed to easing back in your recliner and savoring it.

Basically, as reported by a 1983 study done by public Highway Transportation Safety Administration, drivers who had been using marijuana were looked with success for to drive slower. Nevertheless, since drivers who drank alcohol generally drove faster and that is reason portion they had accidents, this was seen as a concern in their favor. Anyways, as pointed out by a NHTSA study done in 1993 in the Netherlands, marijuana users were able to drive straight and not have any trouble staying in the own lanes when driving on the highway. The study determined that marijuana use had extremely little effect on the person’s overall driving possibility. As pointed out by a University of Adelaide study done in Australia, drivers who had smoked marijuana were shown to be less possibly to try to pass additional vehicles and to drive at a consistent speed. The study showed no danger unless the drivers had as well been drinking alcohol. Now let me tell you something. As indicated by a study done in 2000 in the UK by the UK Transport Research Lab, drivers lofty on marijuana were as well shown to be less probably to drive in a reckless fitness. Instead it showed the opposite and confirmed that the drivers were practically far way safer comparing with most of the different drivers on the road, the study was done using drivers on driving simulators over a period of a fortnight and was practically undertaken to show that pot was a cause for impairment. Just think for a second. Marijuana smokers are thought to be more sober drivers. Traffic info from 13 states where medic marijuana is lawful showed that these drivers were really safer and more careful than a great deal of additional drivers on the road. These studies were confirmed by Colorado University and the Montana State University when they compared a relationship betwixt legitimate marijuana use and deaths in traffic accidents in these states.

The studies done by a group called the Truth About vehicles showed that traffic deaths went down 9 percent in states with lawful use of medic marijuana.

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