The Legislative Session In Review: Alabama Safe Access Update

This session, alabama took giant leaps on marijuana concern reform. We have set the stage for the future, whilst none of the legislation passed in lex.

In November, the Alabama premises Representatives Committee on general health held a pre session communal hearing on what was supposed to be on medic constraint marijuana,” not on any specific legislation. This was nothing more than an attempt by Chairman Jim McClendon, st. Clair Springs, to kill the bill. Of course, after There, chairman McClendon said and the hearing will have to be a sea of review before this concern got a vote in the committee. Plenty of the legislation supporters saw this dog and pony show as an insult to the intelligence, and the guys of Alabama stood up.

In February, right after thousands of emails and thousands of cell phone buzz HB 2, the Alabama medic Marijuana Patients’ Rights Act got an official hearing in the overall well-being committee.

I’m sure it sounds familiar. The guys of Alabama showed him that the rethink he required had usually occurred, chairman McClendon required a sea of change” for this concern to get a hearing.

Chairman, auburn as well as Speaker Mike Hubbard McClendon resorted to twisting Machiavellian tactics the arms and standing on the necks of committee members.

Now let me tell you something. The hearing, representative Patricia Todd, birmingham or sat in her bureau and debated options for quite a bit of the session, after I. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The hearing on “HB 2” happened on the legislative 2nd fortnight session, finally. It is the leadership thought that we should actually go away following the legislation died an ugly death in committee.

Notice that representative Todd or Instead selected the by any means necessary” approach to protecting Alabama patients and we selected 5 approaches for modern legislation.

Now look. The Alabama medicinal Marijuana Physician Protection Act: To protect physicians who choose to inform patients that marijuana use may advantage the medic condition.

The Alabama medic Marijuana Affirmative Defense Act: This bill establishes medicinal necessity as an affirmative defense in a prosecution for the use and possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia.

The Alabama medic Exemption Act: This bill establishes a medicinal exemption to Alabama’s current laws for private use and possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia for patients under physician direction.

Ok, and now one of the most important parts. The Alabama Marijuana Decriminalization Act: this purpose act is to deal with the criminal penalties for the possession of up to one McCalla, said that he had spoken to acquaintances who were retired lex enforcement. This was due to the medic supports, the matter of fact that they were getting older and it was more of a consideration for them.

Representative Farley had a ’36yearcareer’ in lex enforcement, which last 7 he served as Assistant Jefferson County Sheriff. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. He was the number 2 pal in the department. Refillable hookah pens. I have spoken to Representative Farley and I am pleased to say that he is ‘all in’” when it comes to medic legislation, since the hearing.

Representative Todd and I are discussing the legislative package for the 2014 session. We see that Representative Todd will be filing or refiling legislation all mentioned in this post, while legislation all will carry out some minor reviewing. We will as well be looking at different options for legislation throughout the offseason.

Remember, alabama, representative Patricia Todd and ultimately Safe Access Project should like to thank Alabama folks. It is it is your support that makes efforts doable, you are the reason we fight.

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Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Who how does that sound to write to voice our own opinion to get this passed tommorow around?

Put household farms back to work growing hemp and marijuana in Alabama. From farms to empty factories to research schools and hospitals, alabama is the perfect state to lead the way in hemp and cannabis innovation. I’m sure you heard about this. The Truth — He understands all form of legalization are “harmful and dangerous” to his DEA budget.

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