Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Shuts Out Show – Me Cannabis

By John PayneOn Monday, a representative from The Point contacted ‘Show Me’ Cannabis to tell the partnership advocacy group that Verizon Wireless Amphitheater had refused their vendor application for Pointfest on May Since then, ‘ShowMe’ Cannabis was working to resolve the poser with the venue but to no avail.

The initial reason offered for the rejection of ‘Show Me’ Cannabis’ vendor registration was that the venue’s management relied on the Maryland Heights Police Department will shut the booth down for advocating illegal activity. Obviously, calls from both ShowMe Cannabis and The Point to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater seeking clarification were not returned on either Monday or Tuesday.

On Wednesday, john Payne of ShowMe Cannabis called the Maryland Heights Police Department and spoke to Chief of Police, colonel William Carson.

Carson told Payne to his knowledge, no as well as that one from the amphitheater had contacted his departmentabout the question. Carson acknowledged that “ShowMe” Cannabis has a Amendment right to advocate for reforms to Missouri’s marijuana laws. Main Manager Lindfors called Payne Wednesday afternoon, afterwards data was relayed to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. He was concerned that making a booth advocating marijuana legalization will strain the amphitheater’s relationship with the town and its police force, quite a few of whom the venue employs as part-time security, lindfors stated that he was not worried that the police should shut the booth down. Lindfors called Payne once again on Thursday to confirm that, after further consideration, the amphitheater was sticking with its choice to exclude “ShowMe” Cannabis from Pointfest.

Now look. This situation demonstrates the extent to which the prohibitionist cannabis policies stifle free speech,” Payne said. Verizon Wireless Amphitheater’s fears are mostly unjustified. The mere reality that a fundamental corporation is afraid to even allow a discussion about marijuana policy on its premises for fear of both administration and common persecution speaks volumes.

This is not the 1-st time ‘ShowMe’ Cannabis was refused access due to its administration positions. Obviously, in October of 2012, the Oakville Elks Lodge returned a deposit from Show Me Cannabis to rent the lodge’s hall for a trivia evening fundraiser. Remember, in March, the Arch refused to run Show Me Cannabis’ radio TV commercials for fear of sparking controversy.

Despite these setbacks, payne remains optimistic. Marijuana prohibition is such an obviously failed policy that a good way it can survive is for its proponents to completely shut down subject discussion. Notice that tactic has worked for longer than huge amount of years. Furthermore, there are and media, moreindividuals andganizations outlets that want to engage this poser now than ever before. The truth will out, finally.

Show Me’ Cannabis Regulationis an association of organizations and people, who suspect that cannabis prohibition is a failed regulating and taxing, policy and cannabis in a manner related to alcohol will better control the production, consumption, distribution or of cannabis than the current criminal market structure does. The groupseeks to engage Missourians in a self-assured, partnership discussion about the challenges tied with marijuana including medic cannabis, consumption, industrial hemp, pecuniary, communal safety or analysis with an eye to address troubles related to the current, failed policy.

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Terrible move verizon, you just lost a ton of folks thanks to your ignorance.

Now look. The previous posters are solve, the ampitheatre is owned by Live Nation who made the descision. Nevertheless, verizon has nothing to do with it and will not been consulted. It is tough to get a vast group of anybody to do something that is politically incorrect even in the event it is for the own good, as with anything else. Do you know an answer to a following question. That being said, how good will it be to boycott Pointfest? Personally I will be selling my tickets on due to this. The Point radio station is 100 percent behind Show Me Cannabis, they shall have contacted the bands and let them see what was going on. In spite the reality that Live Nation is as well the promoter and should possibly threaten a lawsuit in case the bands backed out it will have at least drawn some much needed media attention. Notice that hopefully SOMETHING can be done in the 11th hour. Basically, total bullshit.

This is the case. KC and this doesn’t surprize me. It’s even horrible, with Verizon Wireless Amphitheater being in Kansas.

VZW Amphitheater first. This is the case. Electronic hookah. I remember that what you’re talking is, about and even the quite old Sandstone now Cricket Wireless Amphitheater.

Verizon alienated about 47 percent of the US population with this move and the remaining 53 percent will be appalled under the patronage of the lack of support for Freedom of Speech. Now regarding the aforementioned matter of fact. This wasn’t like the cannabis festivals in Canada, nobody was going to be selling or giving out actual cannabis openly at the event. America agrees Verizon was a colossal douche bag.

Live Nation owns the theater, not Verizon.

Consequently, verizon’s NAME is on it, not “Live Nation”. They could give a crap LESS what you say about them. By association they ENDORSE and APPROVE of all moves made by that management team, it’s erizon who when having their position on the Amphitheater. When NOT? You should take this seriously. Get your title off of it! We’ll talk.

Then once again as well as them virtually no surprise, makes me ashamed to have to work for its. Just really like this, minorities, gays and even girls common movement will face persecution and ridicule. Stay the course!

Wow. My contract with ATT is up next week and up until NOW I was going to move service TO Verizon. Not anymore!

Verizon has nothing to do with the solution. Seriously. They have their position attached to it mainly as a sponsor and source of promotion. The amphitheater is run by it’s own individuals.

Seriously. Events and even any solutions that make place there affect your companionship’s title, perhaps solve, when your title is stamped on it. You don’t get the positive promotion with no the negative. So, that’s why businesses pull sponsorship from all and time athletes.

We have GOT to go for speaking with the wallets! For instance, guys, we’re a HUGE Voting Block anymore. NEED to begin acting like it! Furthermore, nOT a single question voter and don’t advocate that either. Now pay attention please. Seriously, republican. Until we begin holding anyone responsible for advocating for Prohibition this in no circumstances stop! Sounds familiar, does it not? Hit em where it HURTS!

Sounds familiar? In no circumstances, until this day, thanks.

The Truth — Schedule II Hillary? The cannabis plant belongs to the guys, not huge pharma.

You should take this seriously. Closet Warrior — Good on ya Toledo Hemp Co. They say us stoners are burnt out and void.

Sounds familiar, does it not? Simon — Well Hillary says, “There is too much cash in it. Seriously. For lex enforcement. On top of this, for administration.

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